Dispute Resolution

Scottish caselaw reports show that there have been disputes about all manner of issues going back centuries. For example, disputes between employer and employee; business partners; the terms of a contract; the level of damages following an accident; where the boundary between two properties lie; you name it, we have probably  heard of it  and dealt  with it, either in or out of Court.

How can we help you resolve a dispute, be it large or small?   Here’s how:-

  • Straight talking. Tell us about it. What are the facts; what is the evidence in support of the factual position?
  • Legal position – what bit of Scots law applies? We will research the legal position for you with reference to legislation and case law. We will clarify your legal remedies, if
  • Once we are clear about the factual position, as well as the legal position, we will help you weigh things up. If you should be settling, we will tell you straight. If you would stand a good chance in Court, then, again, we will tell you and also take care of the Court side of things if you do decide to go down the litigation

Jenny Colledge has dealt with all manner of disputes in and out of Court over her 20 year legal career. Supported by Sandi, the firm’s dispute resolution team will definitely keep you the right side of the  law.