Employment Law

Whether you are an employer or employee, employment law will affect all of us throughout our working lives. Employment law is becoming ever more complicated, with so many more traps and pitfalls to fall into.

When the relationship of trust and confidence between employer and employee breaks down, this can have a catastrophic effect in the workplace as well as an adverse effect on the profitability of any business. It can affect morale within the team, as well as the ability to get a good night’s sleep on each side of the dispute.

As a business owner and employer herself, Jenny Colledge keeps up to date with changes   in employment law. A good starting  point is a carefully  drafted  Contract  of  Employment, with clear policies to accompany it so that both sides know exactly where they stand. If the working relationship does break down, or there are disputes in  employment  law  cases, Jenny is experienced in relation to employment tribunal work and has acted for both  employers and employees with good results.