Helping you achieve a fair outcome

Our primary aim for our divorce clients is to keep stress levels down for the whole family. With skilful and experienced handling, a divorce doesn’t need to be a messy business. We aim to give our clients clear advice regarding possible outcomes in relation to financial matters and we will provide top-class representation in the Court Room if negotiations fail and the Court requires to decide how matrimonial property is to be divided.

The breakdown of any relationship brings with it stresses and strains, both emotionally and financially. The impact of a separation is best dealt with efficiently and amicably if possible.

The family law team at Colledge & Shields, headed up by Jenny Colledge, has dealt with many high value and complicated divorce actions over the years.   Jenny often finds herself   in Court with Counsel on the other side of her cases. On divorce, our clients can expect to receive a fair sharing of the matrimonial property. We are also able and experienced  in dealing with interim matters on the way, such as maintenance, interdict  and  Orders  in respect of children. At Colledge & Shields, we don’t drag cases out or pursue lines of enquiries that are hopeless. For candid and high quality advice and representation, contact Jenny or Sandi.