How We Work

Support and Advice

We are here to run your case with as much legal support and intervention as is  needed, given your circumstances. In many cases, clients simply come in for advice.  We are happy to give you legal advice and advise you on your rights, remedies and obligations, giving you the information that you need in order to resolve your dispute directly with your ex-partner. This a very valuable service that can often nip a problem  in the  bud and avoid.costly  litigation  down the line.


We always make attempts to resolve matters out of Court if possible. We have good contacts locally, as well as in the central belt and beyond, and have no hesitation in approaching other Solicitors, either directly, in writing or by organising four-way meetings to try to negotiate a settlement that is fair to all parties.

Collaborative practice

Jenny Colledge is a trained a Collaborative lawyer. What this means is that if both parties sign up to an agreement, then the dispute can be resolved at four-way  meetings with both parties signing an undertaking not to litigate. This is an area that Jenny has a particular interest in and is keen to encourage more Solicitors in Dumfries and Galloway to come on board.


Jenny Colledge trained as an arbitrator with some of the best legal talent in Scotland. She has been involved in a number of arbitrations and sees the  process as being  highly beneficial for clients and also providing good value for money. For more information regarding arbitration and what it is all about, please  see  Jenny’s  blog.


We intuitively know when a case needs to be referred to Court and, in that event, we guarantee that we will provide the best possible legal representation. You will receive value for money and we will ·do our utmost to ensure that your case is presented properly and efficiently, with a view to achieving an outcome that is fair.

All of the above services are offered by the top Family Law Firms in the central belt and can be accessed by our clients here in Dumfries and Galloway.