Wills & Trusts

Many of us put off making a Will because we don’t think that we have enough assets, we think that matters will be dealt with appropriately by loved ones left behind or because we simply are not ready to think about dying yet! However, if you do not have a Will, the consequences for your family members can be very distressing .

A Will appoints Executors to deal with your affairs when you are gone and avoids the expense and delay of having the Court appoint an Executor to deal with your estate. A Will leaves a clear direction to your nominated Executors on how you wish your property to be divided, which can avoid indecision or, indeed, frictions between loved ones left behind. Cohabitants now have the right to claim on their late partner’s estate if no Will is in place. If you are living with your partner and do not wish them to inherit your estate, it is imperative that you make a Will to ensure that your wishes are implemented. Equally, if you do want a certain person to inherit then it is important that the matters is put beyond doubt in a Will. Don’t let anxieties about  the future stop you from obtaining advice from any of our Solicitors that will put your true wishes for your family and loved ones beyond doubt. The cost of a Will is definitely money well spent.